Basics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel


  • Two-door, top-load model allows for easy loading of your cat or dog
  • Measures 23x15x13 inches (LxWxH)
  • Top door can open to the left or right for easy access and convenience
  • Included screws can be used to further secure the top and bottom of kennel for added reinforcement
  • Made of durable plastic with a steel-wire front 


Product description

Safe Travels

Whether it’s an adorable Yorkie or a graceful tabby, conveniently get your furry friend from point A to point B with this AmazonBasics pet kennel. Designed to keep your pet safe, secure, and comfortable when traveling, the 23-inch kennel works well for anything from trips to the dog park or hiking trails to routine visits to the vet.

Additional information

Weight 4.9 oz
Dimensions 23 x 15 x 13 in


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